Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why isn't Blogger more socially translucent?

I'd like to know why Blogger isn't a little more socially translucent. Seems that Google Analytics can tell me which of my blog posts has been most viewed, but why isn't that information easily available to other readers?

I found some announcement about how blogger was going to integrate google analytics from a year back. Seems like we are still waiting on that.

There is a google analytics API so presumably I could try and build my own widget, but that seems a little redundant if there is some soon to be released analytics/blogger integration released.

Bottom line, I would love to make my blog more socially translucent by exposing analytics information on the blog. I guess the main thing I'd want to show is how many times each post was viewed, and have a link at the top of my blog to most popular posts kind of thing ... There are some tools to see the most commented posts and some other external tools including feedjit. Guess I should give these a try, but again if there's some analytics/blogger integration just around the corner I think I'd rather wait for that ...

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