Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Social Proxies for Twitter (Part 2)

So I couldn't resist trying to turn my Twitter Social Proxy system into an actual Twitter app, so that other people could use it. I got set up with the twitter-auth library and a Twitter oauth account. I just managed to get it all working on my dev box yesterday following some sleuthing in google groups.  Actually a key OpenSSL fix was in the comments from the tutorial.  I'm finding twitter development simpler than facebook work, particularly since as well as scripting with curl, you can just view the xml output of requests directly in your browser, e.g. my timeline.  Their wiki documentation is also pretty good.

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Seems like George has leapt ahead of Susan in the activity stakes. Now I need to clean it up (I'm going to call it 'Translucent') and put it on a publicly accessible webserver somewhere - stay tuned ...

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keokilee said...

I'm winning! Guess I've sent a lot of replies over the last few days. And I was tweeting about my progress on my paper.