Friday, May 22, 2009

Social Proxies for Twitter (Part 3)

So I am this close to releasing my Twitter app. I've got hooked up with twitter-auth and a publicly accessible web server (thanks Ken!) and I'm now able to start processing data from other twitter users. Here's an example of my friend Ken Mayer's twitter friends activity cloud:

Geoffrey GrosenbachRyan OzawaBurt LumAnthony EdenhotdogsladiesSeth LaddViilTim O'ReillyWil ShipleyRuby on RailsRobert DempseyRailsConfNew LeadersDan BenjaminKateMacHeistrailsrumblePolitiFactDavid PogueRussell CMark Imbriaco37signalsLoren Brichtertansakumcurtis808Cultured Coderusselcheng ラッセル チェンLaurence A. LeeRyan Batesmandaboplilt_ohanaJason FriedbadpirateJared I. KuroiwaginxPeter SagalGib_BintliffErika EngleGeorge LeedeliciousmonstrmerbistRubyLearningAl GoreDaniel LeuckrubyadventpivotaltrackerNate75SandersAndrew ItayaBrian MarianiMika LeuckAloha on RailsiSpinHal EisenLILT DevelopersHōkūle‘a CrewThe RSpec BookCarol FukunagaMike MassiminoMichael Patrick

I've made some small changes based on great input from my friend Robert Brewer (and George Lee and Ken Mayer), such as making each icon have a minimum size so you have a fighting chance of seeing who of your twitter friends is not being very active. A little more cleaning up and I hope to release this to anyone who wants to see their own twitter friends activity cloud.

Last stumbling block is that getting all the data requires hitting twitter as many times as you have friends, and if this exceeds the 100 requests per hour that twitter allows then the interface can fail a little ungracefully. Hope to fix that and do at least a partial release next week. Hoping to get my twitter friends to test it first, and then all comers, gulp!

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