Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Distributing Android Emulator with installed applications

So I had some trouble trying to ask questions on some google groups about how to distribute an android emulator with a pre-installed application. My questions didn't show up after posting through the web interface, and only appeared to show up later after I emailed the same questions - fortunately Google Groups collected them all together, and here are links to the for the record and my convenience :-)

My post to android developers

My post to android beginners

I hate being a duplicate, cross-poster, but really really these things didn't show up on either list for several days.

Anyhow, once the posts showed up I got help from several kind folks. It seems that various problems I had been having were associated with using the older sdk, and once I upgraded to 1.5r1 everything seemed to get sorted; although it did take combining the various suggestions to finally produce a distributable package. The package ended up looking like the above image; and the bash script I used for startup contained the following:

./emulator -sysdir . -datadir . -skindir . -skin HVGA -sdcard sd256m.img
after I had created an sdcard image using the following syntax:
./mksdcard -l SD256M 256M sd256m.img
I had to install my application by downloading it through the browser, but finally everything seems to be working. I'll try and make the package and application available to everyone soon.


Ted Sanders said...

Thanks Sam - great info! I used this to put together a full build process we're using for our clients:

Sam Joseph said...

Hi Ted, Glad the info was helpful. I seem to remember having other issues when I subsequently tried to put together a windows rather than an OSX package; not sure if I blogged that or not, but sounds like you've got that sorted. Many thanks for the link.