Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blog everything

So I was just thinking that all the posts I make to all the different technical forums should be posted here in my blog first, and then linked and copy and pasted into the forum. That way I have a central record of all my questions, and people who are not looking in all the disparate forums can see what I am thinking about.

I also have this feeling that there should be some way to automate or formalize that relation, by using javascript to pull the contents of my blog post into the forums themselves and support things like having responses in the forums also appear as responses in my blog ... hmm ... I think try it by hand first and see what develops.

Makes be think of that external conversation tool that plugs into blogs (that Robert Brewer mentioned) and also the idea of news discussion being trapped in particular news sites. Would be nice to be able to encounter the discussion elsewhere ...

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