Wednesday, November 7, 2007


My colleague Robert Brewer also told me about MacFuse. I was going to post in a comment, but the links there are not auto-hyper (maybe there's a setting I can change for that), so for the moment I'll put this in a main post:

You might also be interested in MacFUSE, the Mac port of the File-system in USErspace project. It allows one to write filesystems pretty easily (though with lower performance than native file systems, naturally).

One of the demos is a Spotlight file system, which in combination with the tagging using Spotlight comments could presumably create a tagged filesystem in Mac OS X:

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Sam Joseph said...

Hmm, so I just got this working - remarkably simple actually. However the new Spotlight folders get filled with too much stuff, e.g. if I created a folder with a name of one of my projects it gets filled with all sorts of things, all the source files that have the same text in their path name.

I guess there is probably some way to exclude certain directories or types of files, but of course what I really want is to be more proactive about the tagging, ideally with my linklens type "location" sensitive approach ...