Friday, September 21, 2007

Semantic FileSystems

LinkLens is a web 2.0 app (if that actually means anything). I guess I'm saying it uses ajax to let you do drag and drop in a web browser. However there has been lots of work in the past on "semantic filesystems" and a couple of years back I wrote a shell script that simulates the same sort of behaviour on the unix command line:

However I didn't really work out a good way to tell anyone about it (till now - thanks blogger) and my ideas have been superseded by events on the ground. For example someone built a filesystem that supports this kind of associativity directly:

I really want to write an academic paper that pulls all this stuff together ...

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Sam Joseph said...

My friend Robert Brewer told me about some cool Mac OSX developments:

I ran across this tagging meme in Mac OS X. In OS X 10.4 Apple implemented arbitrary metadata for files, and in particular folks are using Spotlight comments to create their own tagging systems. This relates to your discussion when talking about LinkLens about how you would like to tag files.

A series on tagging files in Mac OS X:
[several more articles in the series]

There appear to be a number of programs available for tagging files:

Background on extended attributes in Mac OS X 10.4: