Thursday, April 25, 2013

More HCI Bloopers

So I do appreciate the folks at Cengage Learning providing me online access to a textbook via the coursesmart system.

I was less excited about getting locked out of my account for skimming quickly through the book.  Then to unlock it there was a helpful chat window, but the multiply nested form I had to fill in to get into the chat itself was a great HCI blooper in my opinion.  It took me three or four attempts to work out which category "account locked" should go under and in the end it was none of them, so I just wasted 3 extra minutes, and eventually chose some random sub-categories:

The guy in the chat did help me out pretty promptly, but didn't seem very interested in my suggestions regarding the lack of skimming functionality or the problems with the form.  I did recommend that he direct their interface designers to the free Stanford HCI course but he didn't seem particularly interested ... :-)

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