Friday, April 19, 2013

Coursera HCI StoryBoarding: Remote Pair Programming

List five existing designs (inspirations) that relate to your thinking. The relationship could be very concrete or very abstract.

1. Joe Moore's Blog: Joe collects lots of really useful tips on remote pair programming in his tumblr blog.

2. Android intents which allow android apps to interact with each other seemlessly. This allows re-use of components of android apps.

3. Growl notifications on OSX - which pop and then fade away. A wonderful lightweight notification system to keep you in the loop with minimum annoyance.

4. CmdShift4 screen capture on OSX - allows you to take a snapshot of some portion of the screen - not very intuitive chord key (but are they ever), but just a dream to use - select a square on the screen and image gets dropped to desktop - even better when you set the drop point to be in your dropbox public folder, since then you instantly have a publicly shareable URL to share the screen shot in text chat or email etc.

5. Automated centering guides that XCode's GUI builder (and now Google Presenetations) uses to help you drop a picture or GUI element into alignment with surrounding elements. Fantastically intuitive and easy to use - they just appear and help as you go about doing what you were already doing.

Which of the design briefs does your observation (from Assignment 1) fall under: Change, Glance, or Time? Explain what activity you observed and how it relates to the brief. Write down your Point of View.

Change. I observed programmers remote pair (triple programming) which they are doing in order to solve programming problems, but also to improve their programming skills.

Upload a comprehensive set of digital photos or scans of both of your storyboards.
Point of view: Remote Pair Programming should be as natural and easy as being in the same room with other programmers, just even more convenient.

1. Multiple cursors for different users each with colour and/or logo

2. Always front overlaid transparent chat

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