Thursday, February 14, 2013

Harrow Local Support StakeHolders

Image by Jurgen Appelo thru CC BY 2.0
One of my continuing posts related to the Systems Analysis / Software Engineering class I'm teaching this semester.  Here's a list of stakeholders for a "Harrow Local Support" website/directory concept I've been working on with Voluntary Action Harrow (VAH) an umbrella group for local charities and non-profits.
Harrow residents
  • Looking for support
  • Looking for volunteering opportunities
Harrow Charities
  • Trustees - who oversee the actions of a charities
  • Administrators - who run the charity
  • Staff - who work for the charity
  • Volunteers - who devote their time/resources for free
Harrow Non-profits (groups without charitable status, and also ???? unclear if there is a legal definition)
  • Administrators
  • Staff
  • Volunteers
Voluntary Action Harrow (VAH)
  • Administrator
  • Staff
  • Volunteers
Other organizations
  • Harrow Businesses
  • Harrow Council
Stakeholders sounds a bit management faddish, but I guess it's a reasonable term that distinguishes itself from alternatives such as "people" and "users", which can lead one down the path of imagining a queue of people lining up to use whatever system one happens to create.  Realizing that everyone is busy playing parts and roles in all sorts of other groups is important, and stakeholders captures the idea that individuals (and perhaps organizations) will have varying degrees of "stake" in whatever project you are developing.

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