Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Harrow Local Support Project

So this is the first of three project brainstorming posts related to the Systems Analysis / Software Engineering class I'm teaching this semester.  I've been volunteering with Voluntary Action Harrow for a few months now, and we are working on an idea for a website/directory that is tentatively titled "Harrow Local Support".  Here's a description in the "System Vision Format" from Satzinger et al's "System Design and Analysis in Changing World"

Problem Description:

Local residents may have trouble finding support services when loved ones fall ill, pass away, lose work or encounter any kind of challenge that is not affordably addressed by for-profit organizations.  Charities and non-profits providing support services in the local area have difficulty making local residents aware of their activities or even discovering the existence of each other.  Voluntary Action Harrow would like to have some sort of directory service that would allow both local residents and local non-profits to easily find one another

System Capabilities:

  • A directory of local support services that is easily searchable and discoverable by non-technical users
  • Ability for local support services to update their contact details 
  • Allow Voluntary Action Harrow to promote the services they offer to non-profits, and the events they organize
  • Provide a controllable web presence for small charities that can't easily create their own websites.
  • Increase VAH profile
  • Support local charities, community and residents
Prototype site here:

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