Friday, May 24, 2013

Scheduling Remote Pair Programming Sessions

So maybe it's just me, but it feels like there has been a recent explosion in interest in remote pair programming. Maybe it's being going on for ages, but I recently discovered great resources such as Joe Moore's and

I've now added the PairWithMe badge to all my projects on Github, and I follow the #pairwithme hashtag on twitter, which is exposing me to things like this remote pair programming meetup group:

@batarski and @eee_c were saying on twitter that the #pairwithme website should coordinate and maybe host the sessions.  I gave a lame tweet reply that that would be cool, and that some other sites were doing that, but didn't really have space to list the, so here they are:

And there was another one I signed up with recently, but I lost my Chrome history in a recent crash, so can't find it at the moment :-(

However although I've made contact with a few people through these (mainly just on twitter) I think I've only got a couple of remote pair programming sessions going from them.  Far more intensive has been the now 30+ and counting hours I've been remote pair programming on our EdX SaaS LocalSupport project which we are mainly co-ordinating through Skype chat rooms.  Here's a playlist of those videos

I'm looking forward to seeing more solutions to the challenge of remote pair programming scheduling.


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and another: