Tuesday, March 12, 2013

HyperLocal News in JustInMind

Building on my earlier Balsamiq prototype here's another version of the HyperLocalNews app using the JustInMind framework.   This gives a much higher fidelity prototype which to the untrained eye might look more like the real thing.  The danger here is that a client might think you've already built the entire app :-)

Try clicking on the map markers:

Many thanks to creative commons sharing folk for the images to make the news stories more interesting:


Note that this is different from the Balsamiq exported PDF in that it's all HTML, and there's no accidental scrolling up and down.  Getting a good look and feel of course relies on one knowing where to position things as they would appear on the appropriate smartphone.


Sam Joseph said...

Interesting that EveryBlock just shut down: http://gawker.com/5982486/hyperlocal-news-site-everyblock-shuts-down-unexpectedly

Sam Joseph said...

and interesting set of hyperlocal news sites here: http://openlylocal.com/hyperlocal_sites and nextdoor and wikiblock are two orgs taking over the space from everyblock ...