Thursday, June 14, 2012

Random Sentence Generated from Skype Chat History

So I have been struggling to get skype chat histories from all of my online classes into text format.  Based on a cut and paste from the standard skype app I managed to get this random sentence which starts with the seed "I" and then chooses random words based on the probabilities of co-occurrence in the second half of my computer games class from fall 2011:
I am not try to be in my prototype is. Although it is the stream was attached to yield to make it was absolutely stupid,14253.html#xtor=RSS-181 hurr you playing like an automated submission system ...
I used the basic generation code from the NLTK and modified it per their suggestion to choose based on frequency rather than the most probable word.  I just dropped the code in pastebin and it looks like I can embed via a javascript call - cool!

The current file format is based on a direct copy and paste from skype chat, e.g.
[12/14/11 9:55:03 AM] Sam Joseph: I was able to dodge the missiles pretty effectively
However I just discovered that the skype log files are in sqlite format. Woot! So now I'll rework this to call the sqlite db directly - which will be much simpler, particularly since Skype was crashing when I tried to cut and paste any large chat histories.

Why, you might ask, are you doing this? And the answer is to try and improve on chatbots like Zarquon and also to run analyze on the extensive skype chats I have with my students - ultimately I hope to be able to completely replace myself with a skype chatbot!

Okay, now I really have to get back to my meta-analysis!

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