Monday, April 30, 2012

Blogging better than local files for data management

So I'm trying to find my notes on this years courses, and having opened lots of other text files recently, my class notes have been pushed off the TextEdit 10 item history, and I can't find it in the usual folders I would expect. Spotlight search always go off and does a complete full text search in the wrong location, AND my whole computer's slowed down because I am trying to push all the 6Gb screen flow files off to my external hard drive, and actually what I am trying to do is go through my 60 chrome tabs and off load the stuff that I don't want to lose when I next have to reboot it to run Google Hangouts, so it seems ironically that blogging is easier for this kind of data management than files on my hard disk.  If only my file manager let me type in file names and I got autocomplete like I do in my browser.

Anyway here is a good resource I found on learning github:

I also keep meaning to try out this approach of having git push to multiple repositories, so that a heroku push would also push to github:

I'm trying to pull all my github related resources together as I'm going to make github use a required part of all my future online CS classes.  I have gotten a bit sick of email attachments and dropbox.

And a random note, I managed to fix my printer by using a damp cloth:

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