Friday, March 30, 2012

Not so much Ice Cream Sandwich just yet

So I go to my Acer tablet and find it's on Android 3.0 ugh - need to upgrade, need to get it on Wifi, so I need the mac address (googled "acer android mac address"), of course then my BTInternet box wanted my password to adjust the mac filtering, so I had to start up FF cos most of my password are stored back there, but FF bootup takes a while.  In the meantime I get an annoying text from my cell provider "3", which I can't shut off without logging in to their website, for which I don't remember the password and their password reminder requires that I give them the last 6 elements of the SIM, and I don't have a paperclip to push the SIM out of the iPhone since I used my spare paperclip that I usually carry in my wallet to fix my 3 year old's crocs the other day, argh!

Found staple, that failed, must look for paperclip - in the meantime got system update started for Acer.  Got paperclip, got SIM out, got password sent to mobile device, unable to find anything about opting out in 3 website ... hmm, hmm.  Seems like others have had trouble opting out.  I found what seems like the right place to do it for 3:

and I'd post back to those previous two forums, but both require me to sign in ... ah we need a better overall solutions for passwords/security/spam etc. ...

Got to wait till Acer is on 30% battery before system update, but no USB charging argh!  Ah but charger can be plugging in separately.  And there should be an ice cream sandwich update.  Google searches for acer development settings didn't get me anywhere, but found them under settings -> applications -> development, so now eclipse can see tablet, but can't deploy 4.0 because charge is still only on 17%. 

Okay, got charge.  First update, not 4.0 - starting second update.  Feels like I have to wake the thing up to get the downloading to continue, okay so now I am on 3.1 and downloading another update ... switched to "stay awake" keeping the screen on whilst charging setting.  Now I'm on 3.2 and no more updates, boo!  Looks like it was only the A200 that's got the 4.0 update, not the A500, which is slated for April, so no 4.0 tablet demos for the moment :-(

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