Monday, May 23, 2011

Sexbot Turing Test

My friend Robert Brewer sent me a link to this Sexbot Turing test:

which reminded me of a chapter from "Parsing the Turing Test" by Mark Humphrys called "How My Program Passed the Turing Test" in which he describes a chatbot called Jenny18 that apparently brought a user to orgasm; arguably an alternate form or Turing Test.

It certainly seems like the Porn/Sex industry will be quick to adopt any advances in chatbot technology. Makes me start thinking that any breakthrough in natural language could lead to an explosion in sophisticated bots taking advantage of a larger and larger proportion of the population. Once the AIs are smarter than we are there will be no more "send money to Nigeria" scams, but more sophisticated bots that will engage you in conversation and pin down your needs and desires before fleecing you :-)

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