Friday, August 20, 2010

Early Beta of Study Dictionary v2 available for testing

So I've created a stand-along Java client library for the new version 2 of the API. I've now used that successfully to create an early beta of the Study Dictionary v2, which is available here:

If you want to help by beta-testing this application you can download directly to your phone by browsing to the above link (ensuring you have set your android phone to allow non-market installs).

I've re-implemented everything that was in the original except the creation & media upload functions - those are planned for next week :-)

Some issues I am aware of are the slowness when downloading or scrolling item lists, and that some items may have sentences from multiple languages inserted. These are due in part to changes in the API and I am working on fixes. I would be most grateful to hear of any other issues or suggestions for changes. My current work TODO list is available at the following link for your perusal:

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