Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Android audio formats - converting to mp3

So Android support recording of audio in the 3GPP/AMR format, however it seems that there is no built in support for conversion to mp3 which is what I need to be able to upload audio to a web service I am working with.

Apparently we can extract the AMR core from a 3GPP file but it seems I need some audio conversion library ...

One way round this might be to upload the file to another service that could do the conversion. There are various online conversion services, but I can't seem to find one that will do 3gpp to mp3.

I had also thought that there might be something in the android marketplace (and then I could outsource the conversion but still run it on the device), and there is one app, but it has a lot of reviews suggesting it does not work and may even be a virus.

There appear to be some people who have succeeded in porting ffmpeg to android:


However, so far I have failed to even get ffmpeg to work from the command line with files extracting from the android simulator:


ffmpeg is open source, but I am not sure how to deploy code other than java to android.

So I guess I am going to give up on uploading audio from android and see if I can get images uploaded, and come back to this after I have some more input ..

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Andrew said...

What about Zamzar? I was looking into this issue, and it looks like they convert 3gp to Mp3